It’s been busy, folks! Due to exceptionally high volume and extensive lead times for our services, we cannot take on new projects in Massachusetts or New Hampshire. Thank you for considering Invictus Spray Foam for your insulation needs!

Home Inspections to
Improve Energy Efficiency

Have an audit of your home to
determine where you are losing money.

What is an Energy Audit?

An energy audit is an assessment of your home’s efficiency. An audit will consist of interior and exterior inspections and a blower door test that will measure how airtight the structure is. Using the blower door and many other tricks and tools, the auditor can find all the weak spots in your house.

Once problem areas are identified, we can formulate a plan to address these problem areas, improve your home’s efficiency, and get you more bang for your buck. Invictus Spray Foam is located in Newton. We serve southern New Hampshire, Southern Maine, Northern Massachusetts, and beyond.

Efficiency Maine

Invictus Spray Foam has fostered a close partnership with Efficiency Maine. This creates many great opportunities for our customers. We are registered with Efficiency Maine to perform insulating upgrades, energy auditing, and air sealing.

With our audits or insulation, you can receive many great rebates and financing options from Efficiency Maine. Efficiency Maine offers several types of low-interest loans covering up to 100% of the project cost. In most cases, the energy savings outweigh the loan payments, leaving you saving money almost instantly.


Efficiency Maine offers a multitude of different weatherization rebates. There are a few particular ones that Invictus Spray Foam specializes in. One of the rebates that we can arrange for you is for Maine’s energy assessment.

The cost to the customer will usually end up being $200 after the rebate. We will come in to do an energy audit, plus six hours of air sealing. We also do everything with Efficiency  Maine to arrange the rebate for the customer.

Efficiency Maine offers rebates for insulation. There are different rebates provided for your home’s three distinct zones, Attics, Walls, and Basements. You can have various parts of your home insulated and receive additional rebates for that zone. Plus, you still receive the initial rebate for the energy assessment.


The building must be a principal, year-round residence for occupants, not a seasonal, second, or vacation home or rental. The building must be a single-family home, condominium, or 2-4 unit multi-family building located in Maine. It must be installed in the primary living area, not a garage or outbuilding.

New construction projects are not eligible for weatherization rebates. The building must not have received Home Energy Savings Program rebates over $5,000. Homeowners of any income bracket are eligible for weatherization rebates.

Home Inspections to
Improve Energy-Efficiency

Have an audit of your home to
determine where you're losing money.